Leather Care

Good Looks Need To Be Maintained

Prior to your Hao Home product leaving the factory, it will receive a final inspection. It will then be wrapped in order to protect it and minimise movement whilst in transit. Once unpacked, leather sofas may require “dressing”. This is quite normal, and very easy to perform using the following steps: - Plump up the back cushions and arm pads of each sofa - Ease the leather gently into shape with the palms of your hands - Spread the leather across the seat cushions in the same way - Give the sofa time to “warm up” and relax (this may take a few days in a warm room).

Caring For Your Leather Upholstery

Although leather is one of the oldest and most durable upholstery materials, it still needs regular, correct care and cleaning to maintain its natural beauty. You can significantly extend the life of your leather upholstered furniture by following these simple DO’s and DON’T’s:

DO clean the leather regularly with a soft damp white, colour-fast cloth to remove grease, dirt and dust.  Vacuum the leather carefully, using small rounded brushes, to remove dust particles.

DO NOT use soap, saddle soaps, oils, all-purpose cleaners, detergents, solvents, spray cleaners or abrasive cleaners on your leather furniture.

DO NOT dry the leather in sunlight or with a hair dryer.

 DO NOT expose your leather furniture to direct sunlight or extreme heat (maintain at least 30cm between your sofa and a radiator or similar heat source).

DO NOT place your furniture in direct sunlight. Leathers are light sensitive and will fade over time.

DO NOT place sharp or heavy objects on leather furniture as it may damage the leather.

DO fully clean, condition and protect your furniture with our recommended care products every three months (or more frequently with high use), to remove dirt and gradual accumulation of household grime, body oil and perspiration. Follow the easy usage instructions that accompany these products.

DO blot all spills immediately with a soft, clean white cloth, because even protected leather is porous and can absorb unattended spills and stains. Do not rub. Rapidly remove the spilled liquid and sponge the area using a clean cloth soaked in water. Do not soak the surface, and dry immediately using a dry cloth. Do not rub.

DO keep pets and sharp objects away from your leather. NOTE: Unprotected aniline leathers will rapidly absorb spills and stains. These natural finishes require special attention, as well as specific care products. Ask your Hao Home consultant for guidance. If products are to be used on floorboards, we recommend the use of floor protection.

Things To Note

  • Do not move the sofa by dragging or lifting by the armrests.
  • Do not move the sofa by pushing or pulling it.
  • Do not jump or throw yourself onto the sofa.
  • Do not sit on the arms and/or the back of the sofa. The correct way to move the sofa is by lifting it from the base but avoid using the feet as a lever to prevent breaking them.

Failing to care properly for your product may invalidate you’re Hao Home warranty.

Professional Cleaning Frequency

How often you engage a professional upholstery cleaning service depends on how you use your furniture, your maintenance and the environment conditions. Overall, as a general guide, (restorative) cleaning is recommended every 12 months for most family room fabric furniture. In other circumstances, more frequently used furniture may need extra attention. Difficult stains should be attended to by a professional as soon as possible and not be left to the next restorative clean.

For all-over cleaning (or if in doubt about spot cleaning), use only a trained professional upholstery cleaning technician.