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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your products for commercial use?

Our products are solely designed for residential use. We cannot guarantee the product’s performance in a commercial environment.

2. Can I buy items from your showroom?

We designed our showroom to be an “Experience Centre”. It’s mainly for consumers to see, touch and feel our best-selling products. We have computers and tablets set up for you to complete orders in the showroom. Our professional service team is ready assist you should you need any help.

3. Can you provide a fabric / leather sample?

Once you have created an account with us, you may request for a free sample to be delivered to your doorsteps.

4. Can you dispose old furniture?

At the moment, we are not providing this service. We are looking to explore ways to do this without impacting the environment.

5. Do HAO Home products come with a warranty?

Our mission is to provide good quality furniture at affordable prices. We currently do not provide warranty for our products, this helps us keep the prices low so that HAO Home products are accessible to everyone.

We are confident that our products are built at a very high standard, that is why we are able to provide an exceptional returns policy.

6. Will my furniture fit?

To assist you along your journey in furnishing your home, we have provided all dimensions you require to ensure the selected piece of furniture will fit nicely into your chosen space. NOTE: Do ensure the furniture can fit through tight entrances and corridors (if any).

7. How can I maintain my furniture?

Do check out our fabric & leather care guide here.